Water Feature Designs By Experts

Water Feature Designs By Experts

When it comes to improving the feel and atmosphere of your outdoors, nothing has more impact than creative Water Feature designs.  The sound of water is euphoric and adds an element of nature to your backyard that cannot be equaled.

Great Variety Of Water Feature Designs Available

There are a variety of different ponds and water features we create to enrich the design of the landscape. Features such as backyard ponds, garden ponds, koi ponds, fountains, garden pools, disappearing waterfalls, streams and even farm ponds add a sense of elegance that enhances the design of many projects.

When designing water features for projects, we take into consideration your wants, desires, lifestyle and your existing landscape. For this reason, no two ponds are ever alike. We pride ourselves on being unique. This uniqueness is best displayed by simply observing the supreme quality of our pond designs as opposed to the cookie cutter ponds sold at certain “big box” retailers. They create basic designs that everyone has while, we create a pond specially designed for you.

Building A Superior Water Feature

Furthermore, we avoid building ponds with shelves. Shelves take away much needed water space. For example, if a client decides to place koi in the pond, the fish will grow big and require extra space that the shelves unnecessarily occupy.

Another principle we stand by is to never place stones around the edge of the fixture, creating a necklace-like look. This is because we value creating a more natural theme. Our technique is quite unique and nobody else in the area does it. We create a three-dimensional zigzag, with boulders going in and out, up and down, alternating from big to small, and rough to smooth. Next, we raise some of the rocks which, creates a vertical zigzag, with rock arrangements varying in elevation. Also, to create a size contrast, we replace some of the smaller rocks with bigger ones. To get enough room to hold large pieces, we sometimes even build larger pools. This is just another way we strive to make the fixture appear more naturalistic and authentic.

Another important part of our water fixture process is framing the outside of the pond. This raises the water level and will keep runoff from entering the pond. We also use bottom drains in our designs which, allows uneaten food, fish waste, and other debris that falls to the bottom of the pond to go to the filter to taken out. On larger sized ponds we even install pond jets to keep all the water moving so there are no dead spots. Fish need the water to be constantly moving. This makes the fish happy and promotes good health.