The seasonal maintenance package offers a solution for our clients who do not have a need for weekly maintenance. A specially trained crew, directed by a highly qualified horticulturist, will perform all the seasonal service functions. These services include:

Deep hand pruning
Insect and disease control
Ground cover control e.g. ivy, vinca
Fertilization of plant material
Weed control
Hand weeding
Trenching of all bedlines
General landscape cleanup
We recommend this service three to four times per year.

The weekly package offers our clients a maintenance which covers all aspects of their landscape maintenance needs. The weekly program is truly an "A to Z" program, specifically designed for those clients who desire a meticulously maintained landscape. A specially trained crew will perform all of the weekly service functions. These services include:

Deep hand pruning of all ornamental plant material
Ground cover control e.g. ivy, vinca
Insect and disease control
Weed control
Hand weeding
Tree maintenance e.g. limbing up and maintaining proper form
Fertilization of plant material
Leaf removal
Trenching bed lines
Design seasonal color
Cleanup of landscaped areas each visit
Aerate and overseed of cool season turf in fall (fescue)
Aerate and scalping of warm season turf in spring ( Bermuda )
Irrigation system start up, shut down, and monitoring
Fertilization and weed control of turf area
Mowing of all turf area

Under the leadership of a trained crew, the grounds maintenance department provides thorough long-range maintenance services for exterior commercial landscape. The services provided are essential to ensuring that the landscaped ground realizes its full potential, and also enhances the appearance and value of the property. Services Include:

Tree and Shrub Pruning
Plant Bed Maintenance
Seasonal Color Planting
Mowing and Turf Care
Integrated Pest Management
Fertilization and Weed Control
Spring and Fall Clean-ups
Bulb Planting