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Have a landscaping problem that you just can't figure out or find the correct answer? " Please take a moment to answer our problem solving questionnaire below and an expert member of our staff will be happy to get back to you with the answer.

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A. Where do you live?
B. What are the lighting conditions in the area in question?
Full Sun      Partial Shade      Shade
C. What type of irrigation do you use?
Overhead Sprinkler      Drip      Soak      Hand Watering
How often do you water this area?
Every Day    1-2 times per week    2-4 times per week    Every 2 weeks
D. What kind of soil do you have?
Clay      Sandy      Rocky      Mixture
E. Is this area subject to winds? Yes      No
F. Have you noticed any insects? Yes      No
If yes, please describe:
G. Is there heavy foot traffic in this area? Yes      No
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