Outdoor Living Spaces

Central Coast Magazine Outdoor Living Spaces Profile

Expanding the uses and size of your living space the concept is to take ideas that people are familiar with and expand their perspective, allowing for more creative, exciting and innovative living environments. We are also trying to make spaces that allow the homeowners to use their spaces more of the year, with the ideal being year round in some cases.

The idea we would like to present is multi tiered for Outdoor Living and including these three main elements of focus: 1. Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs 2. Outdoor Living Spaces and Fireplaces 3. Outdoor Patio and Space Heaters

For Kitchens and BBQs this is going to the extreme. No longer is a built in BBQ set in brick, possibly with a sink acceptable. Today people want the full experience of a kitchen in an outdoor environment, with all the conveniences. We are seeing installs with everything from a multifunction BBQ to outdoor wine storage and integrated flush mounted blenders.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Fireplaces have become the living room of today. More and more people are expanding their homes livable space by creating outdoor environments that are as comfortable as a traditional living room, which include amenities like couches and rugs for lounging comfortably on the floor. In order to accomplish this people are opting for more and more comforts and amenities outside. With installs including retractable awning and even the use of three wall construction (this where there are three walls and a roof but no fourth wall making it a building under some building codes).

Outdoor Patio and Space Heaters have come a long way and are more available than ever. Most people just think of fire pits or chimineas when they think of outdoor heating, on the high end people have started to integrate portable propane heater into their yards. Although they work well they have a very commercial look and it is often difficult to make these seem unobtrusive. We recommend a commercial gas space heater that is actually very reasonable and is less of a design hindrance.