A Recipe for Rock Garden Success

Creating a rock garden can be a very fun and rewarding process. A rock garden is simply an array of rocks esthetically arranged and varying in size with plants growing in between the crevices. Many people prefer the look of the rock garden over other landscape features because it adds a touch of rugged elegance.

While it is a relatively easy process, people often complain that the rocks initially look almost too new and out of place. This is because the majority of homeowners are not fortunate enough to find rocks naturally residing on their property. They must import the rocks from another area.

While this can initially be a nuisance, all hope is not lost. There is a simple and easy way to turn those new unnatural-looking rocks into rich stone creations that seem like they have been on your property for an eternity.

The recipe is cheap and relatively easy to create. Simply pull out a common household blender and throw in a heap of moss that you find growing somewhere. Add 2 cups of yogurt and about 4 ounces of potter’s clay. Puree the ingredients until you achieve a creamy consistency and then pour mixture over the new rocks. As the rock moss takes hold in your garden, keep misting it to keep it moist. You will suddenly have that weathered look that makes your garden appear like it has been there for an eternity.