Outdoor Entertaining

The warmth of the summer comes and draws us outside to bask in its warmth. This time of year is exceptional for outdoor living and entertaining on the central coast. Relaxing around the outdoor fireplace, barbecuing steaks on the grill, and drinking wine while watching the sunset all draw us outdoors.

Living in such a wonderful climate gives us all ample opportunity to spend time living in our own yard, as well as family and friendsí yards. We can eat and drink outdoors, swim in the pool, listen to music, soak in the spa, run on the lawn, drink coffee at our bistro tables, sit under our radiant heaters during a cool evening, shoot billiards on our outdoor table, dance out on the patio, watch movies on the plasma screen outside, grab a water bottle from the outdoor fridge, take a nap on the couch adjacent to the meandering brook, cook for a small group, or have a wedding for hundreds.

Outdoor entertainment comes in all different shapes, forms, ideals, and degrees of importance for every individual. Everyone values certain things when hosting others. Figuring out what is important to you and how to integrate it into the rest of your lifestyle is key to creating a garden that is exciting to live in. Gardens that are well planned out for entertainment, capture and pull people in like a magnet. People want to be there and experience the outdoors, extending the use of their home far beyond what is initially just a house and a 'yard'. You may never want to go back inside!