Outdoor Heating

Summer is around the corner and soon we will be spending summer evenings outdoors. Central Coast evenings can get chilly, so now is the time to decide what heating solution would work best for your outdoor living space. Adding warmth to your outdoor living area means that you can spend more time outdoors with family and friends. There are options to fit every environment.

There are portable propane or natural gas heaters like the ones you see in the outdoor restaurants. These can create a circle of heat around 20 feet, require no hookup and have wheels making it easy to move around. Prices range from $199 to $599. There are even tabletop models for around $99.

If a ceiling installation would work better in your space, choose an infrared radiant heater that directs heat downward and can be plugged into an electrical outlet. There are also natural gas and propane versions of the overhead heaters.

A chimnea is a kind of pot bellied stove that can be made of cast iron, clay or even light weight cast aluminum. There is a single opening for the fire, it is moveable and it has a stack or chimney to draft the air into the fire and smoke to be drawn out. They range in price from $200-$350. There are also gas versions available and these can be more costly, in the $500 range.

If you prefer to sit around a campfire there are various options from built in to portable. A fire pit is basically an open bowl with no chimney. There are freestanding models in all sorts of materials: enamel, wrought iron, copper, steel, tile. Or perhaps it's time to call a landscape professional to construct a more permanent solution. A fire pit can be built in stone in your outdoor living space and incorporated into a sitting area with stone benches or you can opt for a more formal approach with a full size fireplace.

There is sure to be a way to warm up your outdoor space so you can spend your evenings outside with family and friends.